Watch: Cryptocat at SIGINT2013, Republika (and OHM!)

24 hours after last month’s critical vulnerability in Cryptocat hit its peak controversy point, I was scheduled to give a talk at SIGINT2013, organized in Köln by the Chaos Computer Club. After the talk, we held a 70-minute Q&A in which I answered questions even from Twitter. 70 minutes!

In the 45-minute talk, I discuss the recent bug, how we plan to deal with it, what it means, as well as Cryptocat’s overall goals and progress:

In the 70-minute Q&A that followed, I answer every question ranging from the recent bug to what my favourite TV show is:

I’m really pleased with these videos since they present a channel into how the project is dealing with security issues as well as our current position and future plans. If you’re interested in Cryptocat, they are worth watching.

Additionally, I recently gave a talk about Cryptocat at Republika in Rijeka, and will be at OHM2013 in Amsterdam as part of NoisySquare, where there will be Cryptocat talks, workshops and more. See you there!