Cryptocat Network Now in Swedish Nuclear Bunker

Update (September 18, 2013): This post is outdated. We have since again migrated our network to Amsterdam via our new hosting partner, Greenhost.

Our new SSL certificate fingerprint is: 4A 1C 2B D2 41 C4 0A AA B0 CA 3D 4D 74 91 30 A1 7B 77 71 72


We’re pleased to announce that a full network migration was carried out last night for the Cryptocat messaging network. In partnership with Swedish telecommunications firm Bahnhof AB, we have migrated our servers from Iceland into a Cold War nuclear bunker located in Sweden.

This decision was made in order to boost the availability of our servers, lower the cost-to-resources ratio for the Cryptocat network, and because the Cryptocat team strongly believed that having our network inside a Cold War nuclear bunker in Sweden would satisfy our need for the world to be as cartoon-like as possible. Quite frankly, we’re more excited about this than we probably should be.

Here are photos of the outside and inside of the Pionen nuclear bunker:

Port_sn_05mäklarbilder essingetorget 37

For security reasons, we’ve regenerated our SSL keys. Here is the information for the new server:

IP Address:

SSL Certificate Fingerprint (SHA1): D1 AA 1C 10 37 20 2E 35 9F 22 4E 40 7D 7F 84 A0 E8 A9 4D D7