Moving to a Browser App Model

The Cryptocat Project is committed to listening to and recognizing valuable critique and advice from the security community. Since last Friday, Cryptocat has decided to push for a local browser app  (browser plugin) only model. The push is incremental; however, visitors to the main Cryptocat website are no longer able to create new conversations without installing Cryptocat Chrome:

With the development and beta release of Cryptocat 2, Cryptocat will be available as a browser plugin for Chrome, Firefox and possibly Safari. This is what the main Cryptocat website will look like:


As a project, Cryptocat’s mission is to find the very best, most functional balance between security and accessibility. In this scenario, after considering the advice of the security community, we have decided that the security benefits of moving towards a local browser plugin only model outweigh the accessibility concerns. Cryptocat will remain very easy to install and use. We estimate that installing a browser plugin in Google Chrome takes less than one minute for the average user, and no administrative privileges.

As always, Cryptocat 2 development remains open. Check out the wiki or read up on the latest issue discussions!