Cryptocat 2: the Grand Plan

We’re happy to unveil the features we are working on for Cryptocat 2, the huge major revision of Cryptocat we plan to push out as soon as possible.

Our goals aren’t modest and will require insane amounts of work: We plan to make Cryptocat run mpOTR over XMPP, in the browser.

mpOTR: We have a functional (almost complete) mpOTR library in our barebones Cryptocat 2 branch (complete with a test suite) — the library is ready to be implemented into Cryptocat and uses the updated CryptoJS3 library. We’d like to thank Arturo for his great help with this. Discuss mpOTR implementation here!

XMPP: We plan to use Strophe.js to convert Cryptocat into a HTML5 XMPP client designed to connect to any XMPP server in order to join mpOTR conversations. This would completely deal away with Cryptocat server code, leaving only client code that is loaded as a local app in your browser/mobile device. Discuss XMPP implementation here!

You can check out Cryptocat 2 on Github (super barebones git branch with nothing working at the moment.)

We’re very excited to announce that the above constitutes the Cryptocat project’s current main goal, and while we cannot provide an ETA on when a beta version will be available running mpOTR over XMPP in your browser, we’re very excited by the immense potential of Cryptocat 2.

Come hack with us on Cryptocat 2! We’re going to be at the OpenITP Hackfest in New York City and will also be presenting at HOPE. See you there July 9-15!