Cryptocat for iPhone and Android — Call for Review


Update (Dec. 11, 2013): We’re also releasing the Cryptocat for Android codebase for public review! Find the link to the codebase below.

We are pleased to announce that Cryptocat for iPhone and Android has reached public beta. Before we release Cryptocat for iPhone and Android on the App Stores for the general public, however, we are giving the security community and experts the opportunity to review Cryptocat’s mobile source code for ten days 6-12 weeks, and report any bugs or security issues they discover.

You may browse the complete code at our GitHub repositories:

If you discover a bug or a security issue, please report it! You may report it by opening an issue. All reports for valid bugs will be properly credited, and rewards may be involved in the shape of Cryptocat t-shirts, stickers, and even cash for particularly impressive and useful finds. Thank you for helping make private chat accessible and safe for everyone!

You can learn more about our long-standing Bug Hunt initiative via the Cryptocat Bug Hunt mini-website.